We played a new maths game called Starfish.  You need good concentration and to know your number bonds. This is how you play it.

  1.  Take the jokers out and shuffle the cards.
  2.  Deal 5 cards face up to your partner in a starfish shape.
  3.  Deal 5 cards face up to yourself in a starfish shape.
  4.  Put 5 cards face up in the middle in a starfish shape with a gap in the middle. The  rest of the cards go in the gap in the middle (in one pile face down).  You can now  start the game.
  5.  Look at the starfish in the middle.  Can you add or take away two numbers to make  one of  your 5 answer cards.  When you can, turn over all those cards (e.g 3+1=4~ turn over, 3, 1 ,4).
  6.  Make sure there are always 5 cards face up in the middle starfish.
  7.  If you and your partner can’t make a calculation you put out 5 new cards in the  middle.
  8. The winner is the first person to turn over all their cards.

Tips: To make it easier take out the J,Q and K. ( J=11, Q=12, K=13)

Posted by Christa, Alfie and Rory.